Thursday, September 9, 2010

My girls

I love that I have two girls.  I love that I can say “my girls” or talk about “the girls”.  Its amazing to me how different they are, too.  The princess and the rock star.  Both are still sweet and loving girls, striving to be good and usually seeking our approval.  That’s a bit of a contrast from the boys.  However, they contrast each other quite a bit, too.  Aria is the rock star.  She wants nothing to do with dolls or princesses (never did!) and has only recently cared at all what she wears or how her hair looks (I suspect peer pressure!).  Piper on the other hand in all princess.  She knows the name of every Disney princess and what color their dress should be.  Matching is a must (oh, except socks to each other) and she usually has at least two dolls and a dozen stuffed animals in her bed.  I love my girls!!


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♥Georgie♥ said...

your girls are PRECIOUS!