Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless / Wordful Wednesday – Parade Time

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IMG_4313 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And now for the Wordful Part~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The big kids got to ride the Lions float in our hometown parade.  The route goes right past our house!  Our neighbor just happens to be the guy in charge of the parade float, so they were IN!  They got to throw candy and were promised the leftovers, but they ran out even before the hit the end of the route.  Not to fear Piper (with Grandma’s help) caught plenty for all!!!

And for your viewing enjoyment, Grandma taking a picture of Grandpa with her camera phone.  After she called me with it to ask how to work the camera (again).  I love old people and technology! I’m sure that’s exactly what my kids will be saying of me someday!!!


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Bridgette said...

Love the pictures!

blueviolet said...

What a treat to ride on a float!

Jennifer said...

Awesome photos and a float ride. :) Happy WW!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Lovely photos! My mother-in-law calls me to ask about the camera all the time!

McClure Family said...

oooo i love parades!! we dont see as many now that we are in the big city! thanks for sharing!

my ww:

shopannies said...

sounds like prize sitting for all those in the parade and those watching

Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to a parade in years. Very fun!

Whimsical Creations said...

Parades are so much fun! They are even more fun when you are in them. =D