Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fragments & Freewrite – Back

Friday Fragments is a chance to purge your mind of all those little thoughts, too good to throw away, too small to post alone… Thanks to Mrs. 4444 you can get it all out! See more at Half Past Kissing Time! AND thanks to Sara who hosts Friday’s Freewrite, where linear thinking is NOT a requirement (yaay!).

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  • We made it back from over 2000 miles of travel in our van.  And 12 sick people later we arrived home.  That’s right, 12 people got sick during our 2 week reign of terror. More about that this coming week. Seriously, we’ve worked on it for hours, we’ll eventually POST it!!
  • I met the RaMbLeR IRL (in real life!) and she is just as cute, fun, and talkative as she is in cyberspace.  (The best part, she still loves me even though we managed to infect hew whole family with whatever virus we brought.) I only wish we’d had more time.  Maybe next year?!
  • I had asked the kids what they ate at school lunch the other day.  Pizza.  Then, not two minutes later Aria rips a big fart right in front of us.  I said “Are you sure that wasn’t bean pizza??” She looks at me totally deadpan, “Um, no… I’m pretty sure it was pepperoni.”
  • I have been asked for the fourth time is JC was a boy or girl. OKAY OKAY I get it, he needs a haircut! But his curls, his CUTE LITTLE BLONDE CURLS…. waaaahhh! I am truly struggling with this.  I just know his hair will darken up and straighten out.  I want him to stay little :(       *sigh*

Girl? What girl?

  • I’m getting lots of senior pictures with a mixture of little kids thrown in.  It’s nice to have a little business! After Christmas, it gets pretty slow around here!
  • Speaking of Christmas, I felt like it was this week.  I used my extra Etsy money to purchase some more legwarmers, some Crunchy Clean Diaper Soap (you have never smelled ANYTHING so good), a FuzziBunz diaper (love it!!!), and a big huge wet bag with a zipper (geometric pattern) so we don’t stink up the house when its full of dirty diapers!  I feel so excited and so totally lame at the same time! Ah, mommyhood.


Unknown Mami said...

No, do not cut his little curls off. He has plenty of time to have short hair later in life. Just enjoy those curls. Plus boys with shaggy long hair are stylish.

Kristina P. said...

He doesn't look like a girl!!

Hey, I completely forgot you had an Etsy shop, but would you want to participate in my giveaway? Please don't feel like you have to. I really amy doing it to help my readers get some free publicity. :)

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh JC is soooooo adorable!!!! keep the curly locks

loved your FF cant wait to hear about your trip sorry 12 peeps got sick lawsie mercy

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

12 sick!? How awful!

He does NOT look like a girl. Don't cut those beautiful curls. No way. I would cry and cry and cry if I were his Mommy and cut those curls.

Happy FF!

mub said...

I don't think your little guy looks like a girl... I'd definately keep the curls!

the RaMbLeR said... know I love ya - plague and all!!

Hey-I recognize that shirt JC has on! He is way too adorable! I'm still sticking with - keep the curls!

Mrs4444 said...

Your mommy fragments made me smile...because I'm not there any more, haha. And your little boy is adorable...

Welcome home~! :)

Kirby3131 said...

I was expecting to see long hair down past his shoulders! I think you've got a few more months before you'd have to cut the locks.

Sounds like you had fun with your etsy money :) I love your scrabble tile necklaces!

Kristin - The Goat