Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Friday - sick kids

Friday Fragments?
Leftovers? See more Friday Fragments at Half Past Kissin' Time.

  • We have had snotty noses all week. JC took the worst hit last night. He started screaming about 8PM and did off and on all night. I was pretty sure it was an ear. Got in to our local little clinic to check. The PA said it was his right ear and she felt like he was heading for pneumonia, too. She said they couldn't rule it out because they don't have the baby cattle-chute-thingy for x-rays at their clinic. She gave him an injection of antibiotics rather than wait for the oral stuff to work. We're due to visit again Monday. This photo is JC pre-cold. Now picture him with red watery eyes and copious amounts of snot, and crying.
  • MD drew me a picture of a heart that said "Mome" (mommy). He explained that he "got tears" while he made it. Then I did, too.
  • AM's friends think the rockstar hair is cool. I haven't met any moms that roll their eyes at me yet. At least not to my face. Like I care!
  • When I scolded PM for someting naughty, she told me "NO, Piper go cry!" I said OK.
  • Debating on a photo seminar in Minneapolis in April. It's a one day thing, I'd spend one night, and I really want to go without kids. Is that possible????
  • I have to work this weekend, I'll be pretty much MIA, I'll probably Twitter a lot, so follow me there!
  • The RaMbLeR and I had this conversation, then not 1 hour later it happened. Grocery store bagging is apparently a lost art. The bagger at the checkout put drippy meat packages w/ my dairy and squished my bread into a bag full of cans....seriously, people??? I would have said something but my attention was divided among my four kids asking for every piece of candy at eye level in the checkout lane!
  • Also, Skype is cool! Just don't forget to turn the privacy settings to "only allow people on my Contact list" or you get asking you to visit her site. Riiiiiight.


Kristina P. said...

I have never used Skype and don't even know what it is! :(

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

My LastSon had one of these shots when he was little he screamed and screamed but within hours he felt better. I hope your cutie is feeling better soon!

Skype. I'm signed on but for some reason my sound is crappy for the people that are talking with me... I've only used it once. I hope it gets better some how???

Have a great weekend working!

Dawn said...

I'm sorry your little one is sick. It makes it rough on everyone. I prefer them to get the shots. It's so much easier and faster!

I know what skype is, however, I've never used it.

Mrs4444 said...

Only three comments? That's CRAZY, cuz these fragments rock! Your kids are stinkin' CUTE!! Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. And YES, make that trip happen; you deserve it!!

Abby said...

I'm sorry everyone is sick in your house. No fun. My little guy had strep last weekend. That wasn't any fun either. I have never Skyped. I have heard of it but I don't know much about it. Happy Friday!

Kristen Andrews said...

poor little guy, I hope he is feeling better, I so feel for you.

Jena9286 said...

Do it. Go by yourself. I am taking a trip to Denver without kids for 4 days. I leave in 2 weeks. I cannot wait and you know you totally deserve it!!!!!

Ellen said...

Aw, I hope Jackson feels better.
GO TO DENVER!!! Just do it. It'll be good for you. And, like Jena says, you so deserve it.

the RaMbLeR said... the sitter better after the he-double toothpicks that J put her thru...surely the doughnuts made up for it right?

GAH..I must've jinxed the sacker deal!

And, geesh, that
was me....WTH? Why didn't you answer?

BTW - I got tags/awards for you, come see!