Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fragments - headaches and stuff

Friday Fragments?
Friday Fragments - all the stuff too small for it's own post, too good not mention...even if it's late! See lots more fragments at Half Past Kissin Time!

  • A letter to my brain: Dear Brain, I am so very sorry for withholding precious sleep from you. I fully deserved the migraine you reigned upon me Thursday morning that caused me to be miserable and loose my breakfast. I couldn't see in the blinding light through the windows and needed to cover my ears when DH's movie got too loud. I deserve that. In the future I promise not to wait up until certain Mr. Linky's make their appearance or use Skype to talk to someone half the country away while I make brownies at midnight. You have put me in my place.... Mel

  • PM, My two-year-old can now cop an attitude better than any of my kids. She will turn her head and yell "I can't hear you!!!" when you tell her to do something she's not in the mood to do.
  • Made my first Mei Tai sling. JC's getting a little too large for the regular baby sling and it's a bit easier on my back to have him centrally placed. After trying it out, I've decided what I like and don't like about it when I make the next one. The fabric cost was only about $6 (2 yards) and the time was about 2-ish hours.

  • I'm shooting a wedding next weekend where the groom's entire family doesn't speak English. Should be interesting.

  • Smashed up my toe with a two liter of soda. A FULL two liter. That's about when my migraine started, maybe THAT's what happened. I knocked it off the counter right on to my big toe. I turned and missiled the bottle into the garbage. I had to restrain myself from throwing the bottle out a window. I was actually shaking while the kids ate their oatmeal beside me and I swallowed every cuss word in the book until I could get the the bathroom. Then I let 'er rip. DH was mad he had to dig the full bottle out of the garbage. Really?


Kristina P. said...

Dropping things on your foot is the worst!!

And the sling looks great!

Mrs4444 said...

Better late than never is right! So hoping your headache does NOT return! Little guy sure looks sweet all cuddled up like that...

Keri said...

Migraines, they're the worst! Here's to hoping you don't get another one anytime soon. Although... Good luck with the photo shoot! That'll make for a very interesting time.

BTW, awesome back slinger doodad. Love the looks of it and wish I had used one! Would've made life so much easier.

Ellen said...

To Mel's toe, I hope you heal soon. Annoying!

I love the sling! I wish someone would cary me around in one of these.

Carmi said...

Oooh, good luck with the wedding! The language issue sounds like fun.

Non-verbal communications often help. I've shot weddings where large chunks of the subject pool didn't speak English. Major body language was very helpful. If they see you're happy, it cuts through the barrier like a knife through butter.

You'll rock regardless.

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