Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Piano Man

JC, Jackson, Naughty.  Mostly Naughty.  He’s the piano man around here.  We got the piano a few years ago from a friend for free.  It needs a little work, which we still haven’t done, but even spending a little money on it will be worth it.  JC seems to be the most interested in the piano.  Every time he passes by he hits a few keys.  The thing we both like about JC’s interest in the piano it that he doesn’t just pound on it like any toddler would.  He uses only his index fingers and pokes keys….and sings. Loudly.  I’m not saying by any means we have a prodigy on our hands, I’m fairly certain we don’t.  But at least we have a little guy that will appreciate music.piano3





Kristina P. said...

He's the next Mozart!

melissa_anne03 said...

I highly recommend the suzuki method for piano, there is a suzuki teacher in F/M, starts as young as 3. It's like 15 minutes once a week. My friends' 5 yr olds that have done it can play like an adult, and they play by ear rather than sheet music. Check it out!