Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fragments

Woohooo! I’m actually here, joining in on Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments!  I’ve been so busy doing who knows what, that I rarely have the time anymore.  I feel like I’m home!!  You can join, too, at Half Past Kissing Time.

  • I’ve worked the last two weekends at the hospital (including Easter), so my house has suffered.  Time to get back to work, I guess.  Hahahaha!

  • I’ve also been taking more photos lately, which means more time spent editing and getting them back out again.  I just wish JC didn’t need to crawl on me every time I sat down to work on them.  You can see my latest fun HERE.

  • Aria’s teacher gave us a note that she may need to be checked for glasses.  I think we may have a family Optometrist day coming up.  Daddy and I both need new ones, too.  Good times…..

  • Aria also let on that she knew the Easter Bunny (and all other mythological holiday creatures) is not real.  We asked her to help us out by hiding all the Easter eggs in the yard this year.  She loved being in on the secret.


  • May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month!!  To get a jump start, I’m Streaking for Stroke!!  I’m asking you to do the same, and perhaps donate a little while you’re at it.  Even a dollar helps families affected by pediatric stroke through support programs and activities with Children’s Hemiplegic and Stroke Association.  I’ve set up a page here: Purple For Piper – and THANKS in advance!!!
  • Because I’m a photographer, I’ve never felt the need to pay someone else to photograph my kids.  This goes especially for the school photos every year.  I always know when the fall shots are because even if I don’t buy them, they take them for the yearbook, so I make sure they look presentable.  However, in the spring (did you ever get spring pics?  we didn’t) I don’t really pay attention to the date since we don’t do anything with them.  Much to my surprise, the kids came home with the proofs from the latest round of photos.  I think the photographer was ready to give me the Mom of the Year Award when Max sat down for his photo…..


Why, yes, that is a pig tattoo on his forehead.  And my very least favorite shirt.  Cool.

  • I did not stay up for the Royal Wedding.  Um, yeah.  I like the idea of some girl getting to marry a Prince, but it’s a constitutional monarchy, people.  They don’t do much but spend their money and look good. Admittedly, really, really good, but still. 

  • I’ve been retained as the photographer for “A Bit of Norway” here in town.  It’s a Norsk celebration with lots of demonstrations and fun, even a parade with a big Viking ship.  It should be a pretty fun time!

  • Oh, yeah.  So the thing with my neck…  I went to my appointment and have scheduled a surgery time soon to have a tumor removed from the back of my neck.  It’s supposed to be Day Sugery, so they should kick me out that afternoon, barring any complications.  I’ve also discovered I need to reschedule that already.  I’ll let you know when I get that done!!


Kristina P. said...

I hope the surgery goes well!

The Bit of Norway sounds great. My father's family is Norwegian.

Brandi. said...

I didn't watch the wedding either. Not interested, really...

Hope your surgery goes well!

Dee said...

Rolling on the floor with that tattoo! :) I didn't watch the wedding either - oh well!

Hope you get that surgery figured out!

Mrs4444 said...

I'm Norwegian, so I will check that out! I didn't get up for the wedding, but I've enjoyed catching up on it this weekend.

Maybe you could get that pic on Awkward Family Photos?!LOL Too funny!!! I loved it.

Good luck with the surgery mess!