Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I believe you will fly…

I believe you will fly
because you told me so.
Your limitations don’t apply
where you’ve decided to go.
Your strength is in your heart
rather than your frame.
You are a work of art
you inspire me the same.
The Lord has blessed us with you
and has given you a task.
We will help you see it through
you never have to ask.
I believe you will fly
and I will be your guide.
You’ll succeed in what you try
because I’ll be at your side.


Canon EOS
ISO 100
f/8 at 1/125
28-55mm lens
no flashIMG_2604aCanon EOS
ISO 100
f/9 at 1/160
28-55mm lens
no flash


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Kristina P. said...

Mr. China is clearly very wise.

Beautil pics!

Alison said...

Lovely to see her running around. What a great poem.

The Henrys said...

Those pictures are lovely, and they go perfectly with that poem!

KDL said...

What a beautiful poem and so fitting to her flight in the photos!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I love sweet.

Anonymous said...

That's just lovely! It's amazing how much people take for granted isn't it! Bless!

Territory Mom said...


SoCo mom said...

I can almost hear the "wheeeeeee!" that goes with those lovely pics ...

Anonymous said...

"Fly" such an important word to mean movement through air and freedom. It is the greatest desire, eh?

Beautiful, Mel. Like always.

VMI said...

Great inspriation!