Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting away was actually getting back


This is my BFF’s little guy.  He’s just a few months older than Max.  When we get together we always end up calling them the wrong names.  About a month ago I went there (3 hours away) to spend a few nights, catch a movie…IMG01189

and just do friend things.  All without my kids.  Now, I love my kids, but sometimes mama needs a break.  It was awesome.  It felt like we were in high school again.  We stayed out late and played frisbee golf (which I never did in high school) and played a second round because we didn’t have any other obligations.  We shopped a little, we ate our very favorite Chinese food, we went for a walk that took us almost all the way around our small town.  We talked.  Not just mommy talk, although that was a lot of it.  We talked about our old friends, our “old” lives, our current lives, made fun of the movie we saw, the works.  I really needed it.  The weekend was short and I hated to go.  Being the “Household 6” one doesn’t get a whole lot of time alone, much less to catch up with a BFF running her own household.  I want to get back there again.  This time I suppose I’ll bring the kids.  Our broods think of each other as family, too. Just like she and I do.  Like sisters.  I’m am so grateful for the friendship we have and continue to have.  I don’t know that many people who are still BFF’s with their fifth grade friend like we are.  We shared many years of happiness and sadness, experiences that we understand between us without speaking.  We share inside jokes that came from all of those moments.  We know “us” sometimes better than our spouses do.  I SO needed that weekend.  Did I mention I loved it?! I totally did.


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