Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are you hungry yet?

My husband is the cook.  The chef.  Not me.  I open a mean box of Tuna Helper, and I have about 2 things I cook really well.  The rest of our fabulous dining is courtesy of Daddy.  He just seems to know what would work together, what seasonings to add.  I just stand back (and do the dishes after) and wait for the results!!  While I’m standing back watching his chef knife fly, of course, I have my trusty camera and some dermabond

Last night we made a HUUGE batch of stir fry.  Two batches, in fact.  One chicken, and one beef.  He found a HUUGE wok to cook in, and rigged this garbage can cooker to hold it over charcoal.

IMG_8755  In case you aren’t sure of the size of this enormous thing, check out Piper….  No, we didn’t cook her, she’s a bit too skinny.

Once the cooking apparatus was designed, the veggies were cut.  By the way, did I mention it was in the upper 80’s at dinner time.  Not really my idea of grilling weather, but I wasn’t the one standing over the hot food.

IMG_2241 IMG_2244

Our sauce staples for any good stir fry – oyster sauce and a really good soy sauce.


Hungry yet?  How about now….


This was a seriously amazing meal!

Want the recipe?  I may divulge….later ;)


Kristina P. said...

Well, that's a fun cooking method!

Leanna said...

I'm telling you...not nice to tease me with what I missed out on!! =(

Man, that looks SO yummy!!! I can't wait to try it!!

Anonymous said...

Your Man is Amazing! Will have to show my Man that wok arrangement!