Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fragments -

Sweep up all those leftovers and throw them on a post. Random thoughts? Single pictures? New websites to recommend? Today’s the day…   Thanks to Mrs. 4444 (who is living it up at BlogHer09 as we speak) we have Friday Fragments.  See more at Half Past Kissing Time.

Friday Fragments?

And to help with the random thoughts, there’s Friday’s Freewrite, by Sara at Ordinary and Awesome! is the Chronicles of My Ordinary and Awesome Life, Family, and Thoughts. is the Mostly Wordless Wednesday headquarters as well as the home to several original awards and memes.
  • Nope.  I’m not at BlogHer 09.  Sadly, it’s within driving distance, too!!  BUT I will be making a trip soon. AND I get to meet a good blogger buddy (eeeeeee!).  Want to see where?
  • I washed an entire load of just princess dresses (and I was missing at least one!).  Who knew we even had so many.  They are worn so often that I had a hard time finding one that didn’t have juice or mac & cheese on the front!


  • Did I mention I’m not at BlogHer 09???
  • FINALLY got my hair cut.  And the cool part? I had it done in trade for pics for the stylist’s salon.  I’m going to come in and do before/after shots of clients for her wall.  Here’s me, the first one!!


  • Vacation Bible School was last weekend, I helped out.  Whew, a whole weekend without my computer or facebook or twitter!! Not sure how I survived. I’m just strong, I guess!

IMG_1830 JCnLorraine maxjumpyland

  • I totally need a new phone.  I can’t even send a picture on the one I have.  Being the techno-geek I love to be, it’s a wonder I’ve had this piece of….. for so long.  I guess my cheap frugal ways overpower my need for technology.


  • I had a thought to go with this bullet, but now it escapes me. Hmmm…
  • PLEASE PLEASE check out Journey For Jess!!! They can use all the support we can throw their way!!
  • I have to work this weekend, so I will be out of touch until Monday.  Man, I need a new phone.


Tranquility said...

Wow - a hairstyle for photos? What a fantastic trading opportunity! :)

It is such a daring style difference from the before photo! I love it!

Tranquility said...

Oh - forgot...
I just have to add that the photo of your daughter staring at her princess dresses up on the line is ADORABLE!! ;)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the dress pic!! And kudos to you for bartering services!!

Hallie :)

Unknown Mami said...

The princess in front of the dresses is adorable.

The new hair looks fantastic!

Did I mention I'm not at Blogher '09?

Kris said...

Wow!! That is a big difference in the hair! Brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Your hair looks amazing!!!!

Melissa said...

Cool hair and cool idea for the barter! Way to go!

And VBS can be really rough. I'm always totally wiped out when I do it.

Mrs4444 said...

Holy cow!! Your new do is FANTASTIC! WOW. I love it.

The Rambler is awesome. Where are you meeting? Maybe I'll crash, if you're meeting in Wisconsin :)

Mrs4444 said...

Your hairdo was my FFF this week! Linking to you tomorrow :)