Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments – Big week….kinda

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Friday Fragments?

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  • A dog crapped in my yard.  I take offense because I have no dog.  In fact this is one of the many reasons I do not.  SO being the forensic poop-ologist I am, I figure it was a little dog.  Also, it was either a) loose and no one was with it, or b) was being walked without a leash and the owner stood and watched the whole thing.  The spot in our yard is halfway inside our fence from either sidewalk.  For your benefit, I DID NOT take a picture.
  • I saw Harry Potter! I saw Harry Potter! It was awesome.  Of course I’m always the first to say the book was better…. but whatever.
  • A friend of mine unexpectedly lost her husband last Monday.  I debated even posting this.  The whole situation is awful.  She has 3 small children and has only been at home with them, not really any work experience.  She came home Monday night to find him hanging in the garage, the kids all sleeping in their beds.  I don’t think I’d even know where to begin.  I should feel really bad for him and whatever storm was raging in his psyche.  What I really feel is sadness for her.  What must her life been like the last few months while all this was brewing?  Why didn’t we see it?  I rarely ever see her husband.  She’d come to church almost every Sunday with up to 3 kids, no husband.  I can count on one hand how many times he’s been there in the last three years.  I think his intention was to hurt her.  I knew they’d recently had some problems, but not that would end like this.  No job, a house not paid for, small kids, and no life insurance.  She needs lots of prayers and support. Our church men have already been over working on the house and sheet rocking the garage to give it a different appearance than the night she came home.
  • Steve’s 20th reunion was last weekend.  As I was typing he was catching up with all his old (so to speak!) classmates.  Since we know almost no babysitting age, I had movie night with the kids.  Friday night is family movie night.  Last Friday was Transformers.  Aria made it to 9:30 and asked to go to bed.  Max fell asleep in his popcorn about 9:45.  Piper was still wandering around the living room after 10pm drinking everyone’s soda and eating popcorn.


  • Finally went in to pick up Piper’s new orthotics Wednesday.  They were done almost 3 weeks ago.  We would have gone sooner, but they sent a nice little letter explaining that our insurance doesn’t cover all the cost and we need $400 up front to pick them up.  Nice.  I know we’ve had it good up until now, but I suspect there will be more costs to come.  Insurance companies aren’t too keen to pay for things.

IMG_1952 IMG_1953

  • Please check in on Journey for Jess.  There was a news story on our local news about the family HERE.  I wrote about it HERE.  You can visit the family’s blog HERE.
  • Oh yeah, I took pictures of fireworks.  I never get the chance, so here they are…

fireworks  fireworks2

  • We got to sneak over to the HoJo and swim when Daddy had a room there for National Guards.  Since Piper’s “pink” had temporarily come off (more about that in a second) we were all able to swim and enjoy the pool.

~~~~~~~~~~ Since I haven’t done it in a while, some CIT numbers…


# days Piper was without a cast: 5 (Aria was helping her up and pulled it right off!)

# baths taken while cast was off: 6

# hours spent in waiting room for her doctor to re-cast: 1.5

# pictures of new cast being applied: 0!

# options for Rock, Paper, Scissors in a cast: 1

# hours spent adding some “bling” to new purple “pink”: 1/2





Scene standing in line at Sam’s club:

Little Girl to Aria: “Is that your little sister?” points to Piper

Aria: “Yeah”

Little Girl: “I feel sorry for her!”

Aria, slightly confused: “…why?!”

Little Girl: “did she break her arm?”

Aria: “No.  She just has….problems.”

Little Girl re-joins her family. I laugh.


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I hate when other people's dogs poop in our yard...specifically the next door neighbor's pit bull that seems to think our yard is his personal toilet.

Oh so sad about your friend losing her husband - especially under those circumstances! I'll be keeping her family in my thoughts and prayers.

LOL on the kids movie night and I especially love that picture of Max!

Insurance companies are getting even stingier than they've been, aren't they? And yet, they're not reducing the amount of money we have to pay to have insurance. Where's the balance?

Gorgeous fireworks shots!!

Piper looked like she was having a blast swimming! :)

Love Piper's new blinged up purple 'pink'! :) Interesting exchange between that little girl and Aria at Sam's...

Happy FF! :)

heh, my Word Verification is 'fanterds'...take out of that what you will! ;)

Night Owl Mama said...

hue pet peeve of mine doggie doody we on't have dog either

love the video she so cute

lol on the conversations too funny

Unknown Mami said...

Your pictures of the fireworks are great. You got them just at the right moment.

I can't stand it when people don't clean up after their dogs. I live in SF where there are lots of dogs. I love dogs, but I do not love walking around having to look at the ground every step so I don't step on doodoo.

Kathleen said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Will keep her in my prayers!!

Mrs4444 said...

(see my email)

That Piper-she's such a trooper! Your kids are adorable.

Martha in PA said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me, my hands were full when the dog walked with me to get something from the car this morning and I need to go "scoop up the poop"... BRB!

So sad about your friend, I can't even imagine the devastation.

The blinged out cast looks great!

We need a movie night, well we did have one this week at church when the showed Evan Almighty. That was fun with popcorn and kool aid. Tara and I love that movie, my mom went too, she liked it, I caught her laughing a few times! When we have movie night at home (and even in the theater sometimes) I'm the one who falls asleep!

Have a great weekend.

mub said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friends husband, that is just heartbreaking.

I love your firework pictures and hope you have a nice week ahead =)