Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fragments/Freewrite – Packing up!!

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  • As if we don’t '”nerd it up” enough around here between my husband and I, we went and got new cell phones.  He said he’s being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  I have a knack for all things electronic, but it’s taking me some time to get used to going from this:

                        mycellphone  to this:  mynewcell 

NERD! Now when I’m not sitting at my computer 24/7 I can still twitter and facebook and blog and google and chat and youtube unlimited hours all while listening to MP3’s and taking pictures.  AND the best part?? It still ended up being $30 or so CHEAPER than our original plan.  Maybe we should go in more than every 3 year to adjust our rates! We spent the night calling and texting each other and drinking wine. Nerds.

  • Max and Aria were playing with good old fashioned stamps and ink.  They decided the paper was no fun and started decorating each other.  As its Max’s habit to not wear a shirt on hot days, he allowed Aria to stamp up and down his belly, and strategically place a smiley face over each nipple.  Then he runs to me..” Look mom, my smiley faces have NOSES!”
  • Piper’s “pink” came off today.  We ran in breathless, well I was breathless, the other four with me wouldn’t stop talking, 20 minutes late for our appointment.  Of course that makes it 5pm and everyone was going home.  They just managed to catch the doctor and the nurse who runs the cast saw.  We got it done quickly. I apologized over and over for keeping them.  Dr. K is such a sweet guy he said they were just worried we’d had car trouble or something and he was glad to help out Piper, then called her something sweet and endearing (cutie bug pie sweetie – it escapes me now).  He’s just SO nice every time we’re there!!  Piper was happy to have the cast off.  They cut right through her princess sticker and I thought she’d be upset, but she didn’t care.  Aria was more worried than Piper was over the saw.


  • I hung out a full load of laundry (diapers) on the line, only to have them rained on all afternoon while we were out!! I hate drying them in the dryer, but I think I’m stuck!  Speaking of laundry, Carmi at Written Inc. hosts Thematic Photographic, and the theme is Laundry…. go have a look and maybe enter your own photo! I entered mine!
  • Mrs. 4444 liked my new ‘do’ well enough to call me her Favorite Friday Fragment from last week.  THANKS!!!

  • I’m packing my bags today.  I head out at the butt-crack of dawn for the state of Oklahoma.  There I will hook up (so to speak *wink wink*) with The RaMbLeR and hang for a few days before swinging back up to Wisconsin to see the “Loud Family”.  The Loud Family is what my dad named all my mom’s fam upon meeting them.  Understandable.  They.are.rowdy. I love it!   I’m travelling with 4 kids. Alone.  Wish me luck!!!
  • Every time I tell someone why in the world I’m travelling to OK, I get these odd looks.  The “are you sure?” looks.  You say you’ve never met this person in real life before?  How do you know what you’re getting into?  This isn’t a CraigsList or dating service.  I don’t need the picture to know who I’m talking to.  As if the lovely woman I met over a year ago and have talked to almost daily has created this elaborate scheme involving children with disabilities and blogs to lure me to Oklahoma of all places.  What my “IRL” peeps don’t seem to understand is that all you lovely people ARE real, even if we haven’t met “IRL”.  I now find it odd that they don’t what BlogHer is or who MckMama is.  I know more about some of you than the people I see here on a daily basis.  I, as a mostly-stay-at-home mom, have come to see many of you as my lifeline to the “outside” world.  You are my social life.  I don’t have a single reservation about this trip (well, maybe about the van..).  I am SO excited!!
  • I’ll be updating on Twitter, please do follow me!!! My next post will be from the RaMbLeR’s!!!!!


mub said...

I am DYING laughing about the smiley faces having noses. Absolutely hilarious!!!

I married someone I met online, so you won't be hearing any strange noises from me about going to visit someone you haven't "met" yet! I hope you have a fabulous time =)

mub said...

I forgot to ask! Have you thought about getting an indoor drying rack for your diapers? I am in a little apartment with no outside line, but I dry most of my clothes and things on my inside rack... I don't know if you have an IKEA nearby, but they sell a decent one for not a lot of money =)

Sara Bonds said...

The ”nerd it up” made me crack up. Too funny. I am a nerd myself, so I love that.

Traveling alone with 4 kids!? I am officially wishing you luck.

♥georgie♥ said...

I am LMAO@smileys and noses...too funny

I LOVE clothes fresh from the line...wish i lived in the country where i could have that luxury...I am affraid people would call the police on me if i hung a line in my

really enjoyed your FF

Mrs4444 said...

You're so lucky!! Please give The Rambler a hug for me! And have a safe journey...

Unknown Mami said...

I'll follow you on Twitter.