Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fragments - CP Awareness Day

Friday Fragments?

  • Don't forget its Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day!!! Go HERE to check it out!

  • I work this weekend and I'm sad I will miss our favorite local band playing at the local bar. Most of the guys are brothers and my husband's best friend is one of them. It would have been a really good time! *sigh*

  • M.D. got sick at pre-school earlier today and I had to go get him early. They were having a movie day and got to drink orange soda and eat popcorn. I think the soda got to him and he barfed (this is a VERY underused word!!) outside....on his coat, and snowpants, and gloves, and boots. They put them all in a big garbage bag and it was waiting on the sidewalk outside when I arrived to get him. He was fine the rest of the day.

  • The path through our yard has melted and is now a swamp. Chuck Taylors are, to my dismay, NOT waterproof.

  • It was -30 degrees a week ago, and 45 degrees this week. My dad always called this area the "Land of Extremes"

  • Mrs. 4444 saw it fit to bestow this on me:
You can find out why if you go to her place...Half Past Kissin Time. You'll also find plenty of other bits and pieces too good to throw, too short to sneak in earlier this week!! Thanks so much for this little recognition, and for making me imagine an interesting visual!!!

That's about all I've got!! Happy Weekend!!


Kristina P. said...

Where do you live? That is freezing!!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, that award looks great in here! Orange puke? Yikes. Glad he wasn't sick-sick :)

Thanks for playing again this week. Sorry it took me so long to get here tonight. I tried to wake you to say thanks, but you were OUT! Sweet dreams....