Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fragments

Yay! It’s Mrs. 4444’s 100th Friday Fragment episode! Stop by her place and congratulate her, while you’re there join in the fun!image

I spent all day Wednesday shooting photos for the town’s baseball and softball leagues.  It was my first year and I had some help from another photographer with the flyers and all that business-type stuff.  Next year I’ll be all alone (she’s moving!).  I had fun, but all that kneeling and standing left me with super sore thighs.  Who knew photography would be such a good workout!

I wrote a little article on my review blog about encouraging kids to read during the summer.  It should win me an “I Can Read!” book.  They are taking the first 100 bloggers for a free book, there’s still time for you to enter, too! My entry is HERE.

I’ve decided to give up calling the kids by their initials.  I usually end up tying out their name then going back and fixing it anyway.  I love their names.  My intent was to make them less “Google-able” (is that a word now?) but I guess I’m all over the place, if their friends want to find them, it wouldn’t be hard anyway.  Hopefully they won’t be too embarrassed!  I know its not totally true, but being in the bloggy world this long, I wonder what parent doesn’t have a blog?!

I colored my hair.  The pink/red was fading, so I went to get more of the same.  The shop I went to was out of my favorite color, so I tried one called “plum red”.  Hmmm.  It’s not bad I guess, but I’m not getting it again.  I miss my red hair!!!

melPink image

Aria has been hunting the two kittens in our garage.  Apparently the neighbors said they’d give her $5 if she caught the lighter colored one for them.  Yesterday morning when Daddy woke her up, she said she’d been dreaming about catching them.  Last night she said she had touched both of their tails and it wouldn’t be long before she caught one.  LATE last night Daddy came home from work and told me it looks as though the lighter one had been hit by a car.  Furthermore, it was up on the curb where someone would’ve had to swerve to get it.  AARRRGGHH!! Can you believe that?! I felt sick to my stomach.  I had Daddy go hide the evidence so she won’t discover it herself.  I can’t imagine the drama, grief, and tears if this gets discovered.

My husband told me and a guest that what sealed the deal for him when we were dating was that both he and I had our own copies of Ken Burn’s The Civil War soundtrack.  Funny what brings people together, huh?image

It’s once again my weekend to work, so I’d better go get myself together.  Have a great weekend, everyone!! 


Anonymous said...

Like the new color.

Thanks for the post before work! I will try not to ask dumb questions based on your tweets again.

(Good decision on hiding the evidence. I know from experience.)

Same soundtrack. Right. ;)

Mrs4444 said...

I love that story! Very cute.

I agree--The cat story is better left untold.

You are brave to dye your hair such radical colors--I'm impressed. I think it looks great, but I do love the brighter color, too.

Have a great week :) Thanks for linking up!

Adoption of Jane said...

I do the same thing with the blog kids nicknames/real names hahaha!

♥Georgie♥ said...

Love the hair color! I know what mean about nicknames and initials for our children i also gave up...