Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fragments

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!!!  Flush the fragments floating in your frontal lobe to facilitate a fabulous Friday full of fun, festivity, and function. Well, minimal function anyway.  Mrs. 4444 hosts Friday Fragments just for us!!!

  • I got some new shoes!! Those cool rocker-bottom kind that are supposed to exercise your thighs and butt into shape just by walking around.  I put them on and I didn’t feel any different.  I wore them all day, around the house, on a walk, to school with the kids…. no problem.  I was wondering if they actually work.  I got my answer the next morning.  My butt felt sore. My butt. My thighs. My calves.  It felt like…well… like I exercised or something.
  • I like watching Phineas and Ferb, but don’t tell my kids….
  • JC used his Go-Go-Gadget arms to reach an empty beer bottle I had sitting on the counter.  At least I thought it was empty, until he was slugging down the last sip and spilling it on his shirt.  I immediately decided it was bath time as we were planning on going to Grandma’s that night.  The last thing I need it to show up with a baby reeking of beer.  “Hope he sleeps well for you!!!” Just trying to maintain my Mom Of The Year status!
  • I didn’t see Grey’s Anatomy last night.  I’m about a season behind, so you all just shut it until I get caught up, mmm’kay?
  • I’m preparing myself for a movie I want to see soon.  One involving the undead and shape shifters and stuff.  No, not the HBO one….the other one.  Why hasn’t anyone said the HBO one is just an adult sexed up swearing version of the teen version?  Do you get what I’m saying here??? I feel like I’ve read these Sookie books before, only there was a lot more teen angst going on.  I hope these adult books end differently….
  • So I was putting fresh clean line-dried pillow cases on my pillows and noticed that one set of pillows has tags on both ends.  WTH???  How am I supposed to decide which end to stuff into the case first?  I was really thrown.  So I ripped one set off.  Problem solved.  I shouldn’t get so worked up.
  • A shot of AM as a Rat in the Pied Piper…IMG_0096a
  • I’ve been trying to be good and eat healthy, but I slip up sometimes.  Like chowing down an entire order of Mozzarella sticks from DQ while they are still too hot.  I call it “Diner’s Remorse”. 
  • So we climbed into the van to leave for the Youth run last night.  It had been about 75-80 degrees all day.  The vas smelled like…welll….ass.  I blamed the kids on their reluctance to throw out all their fast food wrappers even when I asked them repeatedly.  I gave them a lecture.  It wasn’t until I was sitting in the driver’s seat that I noticed it.  The crock pot.  From Saturday night at work.  Dirty. In. The. Sun. My bad.
  • The two big kids ran the Fargo Youth Run 1/2 mile (the Fargo Marathon is Saturday morning, and its actually accredited to be a Boston Marathon qualifier!).  PM was disappointed that she didn’t run, a few of her friends we know that are her age did run.  She wants badly to do what the other kids are doing, and especially what her big siblings do.  I saw a few wheel chairs (powered by parents) in the mix, but she doesn’t need a chair.  She just can’t run.  I am going to look into some way for her to participate next year.  When I Twittered about it, Barbara at TherExtras mentioned adapted bikes…. research time.  Anyway, here’s our newest medal winners:


  • I didn’t realize until the pictures that I gave MD the wrong number to wear.  I had a matching one for each kid in case I wanted to run with them, and at the end we couldn’t collect them without the matching number.  Cool.
  • I am doing the 5k tonight with my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and nephews.  (By “doing” I mean walking briskly.)  I decided to take the little kids in our big bike stroller/trailer thing.  It has bike tires and pushes easily.  Plus there’s room for two and snacks.  My snacks perhaps.  My brothers-in-law are running the half marathon Saturday morning.  No thanks on that!
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Kristina P. said...

Good luck with the 5K! Better you than me.

clew said...

I was just reading an article on Yahoo yesterday that those rocker shoes are a gimmick and don't really do anything. Hmm. Sounds like that article lied!

Good luck with the 5k!

Cat said...

The kids look so cute! Good luck with the 5k.

Cool to know those shoes work!

I think every Facebook status I saw last night was about Gray's Anatomy. I don't watch it, but my sister does. She was rather emotional when I saw her last night.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Happy FF! So sorry I am late but I really do have a good excuse. I was thinking about getting those shoes..hmmm..what to do. The picture of the girls is adorable I have not run or walked fast in such a long time..cannot wait to get the go ahead to resume exercise..hope you will stop by to say hello when you have a chance!