Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments

Yaay! Friday is here once again! Mrs. 4444 invites us to purge our minds for the weekend by posting all those little things too small for a post, too cool to throw away!  Visit all the Fragmenters at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

Mommy's Idea
  • This week was our little town’s clean up week.  I was excited to “curb shop” two neat old high back dining chairs.  I plan on painting them and re-upholstering the seats so I can use them for photos!
  • AM’s girl scout troop learned how to sew.  We threaded needles and stitched pieces of fabric together, then used machines to make their own sashes.  It was pretty fun to get them going on these.  I think sewing is kind of a lost art, so it would be nice to get these girls comfortable at least being able to do small things.
  • I gotta clean my house some more.  I know this is a common theme in my fragments, but its getting crazy around here.  I feel like we’re months away from a “Hoarders” intervention.  OK, maybe not quite that soon, but I can see us heading in that direction.  I need to purge this house in a big way.  I wish I had a professional organizer and motivator to stand here!!!  I wish I had the cash to go buy all the cool bins and baskets I would like to have to keep everything neat.  I need some good organization tips that don’t cost a lot!! Help!!!!
  • PM quote of the week as she puts on her sister’s bath robe and examines her new look.  “Um, now it looks like I need to makes pancakes.”
  • The big kids’ Spring Concert was last night.  They did a nice job singing their songs on a set of risers in the gym.  You remember, right?  They always tell you not to lock your knees so you won’t faint or fall.  MD, kindergarten, was on the first row riser so he had no where to go.  No, he didn’t pass out, but he kept goofing off and making faces and waving his arms around as if he were directing.  I kept hearing giggles from the audience as he “performed”.  I was a bit embarrassed, but not terribly surprised.  I would have said more, but his actions were really a blessing in disguise.  While he was doing his thing, he distracted most of the audience from noticing the poor little guy in the second row on the left vomit on his own shoes.  Very few people knew what had happened until they finished the song and cleared out the kids for a quick magic-sawdust cleanup.
  • After the post I did yesterday, I decided it was worth finding the time to slap on a little make-up for the school concert last night.  So here’s a new pictures of how well I clean up (also, I’ve colored my hair since that last picture was taken a week and a half ago, somehow I think new color improves everything!).  OK, still wearing a hoodie, but I think this is as much effort I can put in on a school night!


Not bad, as long as I’m prepared for it :)

  • Like most moms, I pack for any outing.  Over pack usually.  I stashed a bottle (not pictured!) for JC, as well as my iPod loaded with a few SpongeBob episodes (this usually appeases JC “Naughty” the 18-month-old), cereal snacks, gum….and as it turned out I forgot to UN-pack my book.  I was done with it anyway, I just hadn’t thought to remove it before we left.  I set my bag between my seat and my Mother-in-Law’s as we listened to the concert.  As you see below, plainly visible book.  I have a feeling my uber-Christian conservative MIL was silently praying for my return from the dark side.  She didn’t say anything,  but she usually saves that sort of stuff up for a full on intervention at a later date.  Time will tell…
  • One last thing!!!  May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month!!  Our 3-year-old PM is a stroke survivor.  I also introduced you to another friend, Brendon.  You can read about him in my post Brendon’s Smile!!  Remember: kids have strokes, babies have strokes, even the unborn can have a stroke!!

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Kristina P. said...

I LOVE your hair color! So fun!

Beth said...

So glad I hopped your way! Loved your fragments! Your hair color is beautiful! Perky ... kinda like you seem to be. :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh I love your hair..mine is red too but not as drastic!
I loved your photo's and enjoyed your fragments.
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

mimbles said...

I plan on teaching my 13 and 8 year old sons to sew, I hate sewing and we need someone in the family to make all our historical reenactment costumes for us. They think I'm joking when I say that, but I'm not.

Your hair is gorgeous, actually, not just your hair, all of you! :-)

I'm reading Dead as a Doornail at the moment and I've just bought Season 1 of True Blood on dvd.

Anonymous said...


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Love your blog and love your hair! I came over from Friday Fragments.