Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fragments – Memorial Day Weekend!

Mommy's Idea

Treat your brain to some free space! De-clutter with Mrs. 4444’s Half Past Kissin’ Time.

  • It’s Memorial Day, set down your beer and grilled steak and take a few minutes to remember the service men and women who made (and continue to make) this country what it is!!
  • I, of course, will be working.  So no beer for me, and probably only steak to go on my way to 4 overnights in a row.  There was a graduation I really wanted to attend, but no one wants to work even a Friday evening on a holiday!
  • I have yet to get myself a Neti Pot like Mrs. 4444’s, so I once again am suffering from a sinus infection.  I will pick one up FOR SURE this weekend.  Except Walgreens around here have the nerve to not be open until 8am, and I get off work by 7:30am.  I hate waiting around for the stores to open in the morning!!!
  • Along those lines…why can’t McDonald’s (or the like) serve cheeseburgers before 10:30 in the morning?!?!?  When I get off work, the last thing I want is pancakes.  You can’t fool me greasy-gut-bomb called a “McMuffin”, you are in no way a burger and I will not stand for it.  Why to all these places tout serving breakfast all day and yet no one will make me a burger in the morning?!?!  I’m not going to go sit down in a Denny’s when I just want to eat a drive-thru burger on the way home.  I’m frustrated by this.
  • Hubby took 2/4 of our kids with him to shop this afternoon.  That leaves me the boys, which is cool.  Once naps all afternoon, the other wants to play Mario and Lego Indiana Jones.  I can sneak in a nap before work!!
  • Go look at these AWESOME invitations by Amy Locurto – LEGO!!! (If you subscribe to her RSS or e-mail, you get a freebie Lego printable, too!) I need to get these.  Too bad MD’s birthday isn’t until November.  Head start I guess.
  • We made bubble tea last week, I’ll post the recipe soon.  The kids really liked it!


  • May is still Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month!! Help spread awareness by adding this to your next Facebook or Twitter update: “Kids have strokes, babies have strokes, even the unborn can have strokes!”  Or wear something PURPLE for Stroke Awareness!!


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Anonymous said...

I had exactly that for dinner tonight.

Have you checked the frozen section for hamburger you can heat in a hurry?

It looks like peas in eggnog. Don't rush to get the recipe. ;)