Monday, May 3, 2010

1 in 4000 babies will have a stroke

PM is a stroke survivor.  As a result she has Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy that affects her right side.  May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness month and today I want to re-post a video we made for PM after her first round of Constraint Induced Therapy (CIT).  CIT involves casting the “good” arm while participating in more intensive physical and occupational therapy to build stronger neuropathways for her weak side.  You can see the effects this has in just 4 short weeks!  PM did a second round of CIT in June 2009.  We would like to do more soon.  Therapy is so wonderful for her and has really improved her movement and fine motor skills.  We know it will never be perfect, but there has been a TON of improvement!!

You can learn more about Pediatric Stroke at !


Heather said...

Good for you Mel.

Piper is THE awesome! :)

MamaE said...

What an amazing and touching video!