Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Fragments - Being famous(sorta)!

Friday Fragments?
Yes, it's Friday. Time to do the laundry, and get all those little tidbits on the line. The undergarments of the week. Too small to wear all alone, but almost an outfit when you put them all together ;) You can see everyone else's underwear Fragments at Half Past Kissin' Time!


  • We grilled and grilled again this week. It's finally nice enough up in these parts to be outside long enough to do it.


  • The kids are outside! GO! PLAY! Ahhh.. 5 minutes of peace.
  • I fed my hubby his very first s'more. (I know, seriously, what planet is he from anyway??)"Hmm, this is pretty good. I could see where these could be addictive." Seriously.
  • I took 150 photos in two days, just for me. Of the kids. And some kabobs.
  • What's this about being famous? Let me tell you:
  • AM got a part in the Missoula Children's Theater play "Princess and the Pea" Grandma & Grandpa are coming up to see her. I'm really excited because last year she didn't get in and was pretty broken up over it.
  • We made the cut for a photo project for our local newspaper called "A Mother's Love". It runs Sunday, of course, but there's a slide show up HERE already. We're slide 11 of 13. We will receive an 8x10!
  • The photo shoot was the same day we bought the MOO-stache. Which MD is wearing right this minute.
  • I made many Mother's Day photo pendants. You can still get them FOR YOU and also to benefit COLE's Special Care School or Make-a-Wish!!



itsahumanzoo said...

How cool that you are going to be in the paper! It's a beautiful picture. :)

Mrs4444 said...

You are a genius with the camera, my friend; just wonderful. LOVED the moostache link (thanks!) and the A Mother's Love photo. Can't wait to hear more about The Princess and the Pea...