Monday, May 25, 2009

First Weekend of "Summer"

School here is officially done. We had the best day on Sunday. After church, we started up the grill and Daddy made us Asian Barbeque Pork, Ranch Burgers, and Italian marinated chicken. He also made a cold cucumber salad. YUM! We hung out in the yard all afternoon. The kids played, JC parked himself on a blanket and we tried to keep him from eating the grass. I took my laptop outside and played music for us. The adults had adult beverages, the kids had kid beverages. We ate food as it came off the grill, never really assembling inside, just stealing from a kabob as it was cooling. The sun was out, the wind was relatively still. It was fantastic. I also took my 10,000th picture with my little Canon Rebel. Can you imagine?? Anyway, here it is....

Image 10,000

Am - minus 3 teeth.

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you veterans, including my husband, who keep this country safe. I found these photos of my hubby in Afghanistan. Thought you'd be interested...

( ^ He's the grouchy one middle right! )

Presumably e-mailing me....ha ha!

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Kristina P. said...

Your daughter is beautiful!