Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fragments

Yep, here we are.  This week really flew by.  Thanks to Mrs. 4444 we can share all the little tidbits from the week with Friday Fragments!!

Mommy's Idea

  • We voted, did you?  We have to go to the next small town to do so, which means we had to eat out when we were done. Had to….
  • On the way home, we like to travel off the beaten path and stop by Buttzville.  Yes, that’s really a town.  There are about 6 people living there.  Maybe.  I found a little post about it, with some neat photos, here:
  • Aria’s Huskyx3 friends and I have been having fun taking photos.

Husky x3 fall...

Happy  Halloween !

Husky x 3 and sushi

  • All the ads are coming out for Christmas.  Once Halloween is done it seems the big marketing goes directly to Christmas toys.  I suppose there isn’t much beyond turkey that the stores can try to sell to us before then.  Piper keeps seeing toys on TV she wants.  Her best argument for a good toy so far is : “Well, it doesn’t spill popcorns.”  Not sure where this logic comes from.  Do her current toys spill popcorn?  Have I recently denied her a toy based on its propensity for dumping popcorn everywhere??
  • Going to do some major food shopping and stocking up this weekend, I’m super excited.  I suppose its the mark of adulthood when you get excited about a full cart of groceries. And Sam’s club.  (Costco for you non-Midwesterners!)
  • I painted Aria’s dresser with her new favorite characters, Husky x 3.  Pretty cute, huh?  Now if only she’d clean her room, I have big plans for it!!
    dresser1 IMG_4297a
  • I painted just a slice of her wall to show her what we could do…if...she…cleans.  Our inspiration is HERE.IMG_4302a 
  • Our Alltel was bought out by AT&T so we are forced to get new phones (free).  I’ve had my CrackBerry for over a year and I really like it, but I’m leaning toward the HTC Aria, it seems like there are a few more fun toys for me to play with.  I’m just glad to get a new free phone :)IMG_4311a


Kristina P. said...

You are so crafty and talented!

Unknown Mami said...

I voted too, but I didn't get to go to Buttzville.

brainella said...

I voted. :) I would have voted again but I don't live in Chicago.

My son has been surveying the catalogs as they arrive these days. He's alread marked up three. It's astounding what a child will "want" when there are no limitations. :)

I love Costco. Love.

My Blackberry has started doing odd things. My contract isn't up unil May...I think I may get sucked in to the iPhone craze. May. Hope your new phone is more fun than the old phone!

Mrs4444 said...

My kids both have HTC Heroes, and they love them. I'm assuming you have a new phone by now; hope you like it! :)

Loving the paint teaser!

Buttzville--That's funny. We have a town nearby called Beaver.heehee