Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Fragments

So September has come and gone…. That was fast.  And now its Friday!  Time for Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments:

Mommy's Idea
  • House a disaster, as always.  Must. Purge. (Stuff, I mean, not food.  I mean cleaning kinda makes me wanna throw up, but I could never do that.  Besides, then I’d have to clean that up, too.  So not worth it.  I just mean stuff.)
  • Talked to a guy about getting our roof and shingles done soon.  Our insurance check is here so now we can actually do something.  With the roof, anyway.  The inside and water damage from earlier this year is still in the works.  SIGH. Bonus on the shingles: they guy said we can put whatever we want in the roll-off dumpster they get.  Purge time!!
  • I GOT THE JOB! Okay, its a volunteer job, but still I’m pumped.  I was able to sign up for a shift during ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when they are here in town.  I really excited to do this!!!
  • I took lots of photos over the weekend, it never fails that my kids will sneak into a session (usually while the actual photographee is changing) and demand a few of their own shots.IMG_1834a IMG_1810a
  • It was my mom’s birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!

SCAN0184b Yep, that’s us :)

  • Yep, those are Disney Princesses flying Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship.  Leave it to a girl…..

  • A friend made our kids each a crochet winter hat, complete with their names!! Cute, right?  Only JC couldn’t sit long enough for a shot of them.  But you get the idea.  He liked the hat, but he liked the slide and playground more.  (We went to “Little Yellowstone” yesterday, the extra kiddo is Aria’s friend L)
  • Poor Piper wiped out on the sidewalk outside the auditorium where TaeKwonDo is held.  We were on our way home and she ran to the van.  Bad idea.  She not only fell and skinned her knee, but the lack of strength in her right hand allowed her to smash her face, too.  I saw it happen in slow motion.  Nnnnnooooooo……   I was afraid she would knock out a tooth.  She is such a trooper.  Teeth intact, we arrived home and iced her lip.  The kid NOT in martial arts is the only one getting injured.image

  • Hubby is gone for the weekend with the Guards, so I think this would be a good time to actually get the house clean.  I feel like I do a lot less when he’s home.  Also, he’s kind of like having an extra kid to clean up after, one who likes to cook and leave dirty socks everywhere.  Just sayin’.  Also, also, he almost never reads my blog so I can say stuff and unless you guys tell him, he’ll never know.


Ann in the UP said...

Oh! Good luck cleaning while you're in the mood! I personally want to really good when I'm foot-stompin' angry.

Alas, that almost never happens, cause I'm so even tempered.

I'm visiting from Friday Fragments and your kids-----they're beautiful!

Unknown Mami said...

It seems like no matter how much stuff I get rid of there is always more stuff to get rid of. I hope you have a productive weekend cleaning and purging (not the throwing up kind).

Kristina P. said...

Great pictures! And congrats on the job!

brainella said...

Princesses need to fly too, you know. :) Buzz is just really nice to let them do it in his plane...

The pictures are adorable -- you have great subjects.

And I know the feeling about wanting to get RID of stuff. We've made at least four trips to Goodwill this year. I've cleaned out closets like mad and we will have crap everywhere. Good luck! :)

Mrs4444 said...

Sooo cute, those kidlets of yours. And Piper-what a trooper, poor kid!

I love that old family photo; you look so happy :)