Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Fun

I had an awesome little getaway weekend at my BFF's. If you follow me on Twitter, I mentioned that I survived all 6 kids for most of a day. My BFF went to an auction of a closed school. She, being a school teacher, hoped to pick up some good stuff for her class room. I stayed with her two and my four while she was gone and her hubby had to work.
I kept them inside for some of the morning, the bugs outside were CRAZY! We watched some cartoons, colored and had a snack.

JC 7 mos

It was just too nice to be indoors long and we all went outside. The little kids were on the swings, the big kids fought over a Power Wheels Jeep. I was too busy with the little guys to get a shot of the fight/share/fight/share going on behind me, but I tried to referee as much as I could from across the yard.

Piper and M having a blast

Big brother helps

Miss M on the swing

The mark of any good day in my book is how fast we can get the kids to bed. BFF & her hubby and I got all 6 bathed and to bed by 8:30 so we could make smoothies and watch a movie. It was an awesome weekend!!


Kristina P. said...

I love pictures of happy kids!

Mrs4444 said...

WOW-These are awesome! Beautiful colors and brightness. Gotta love summer!