Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are you reeling in the years, stowing away the time?

Their very blue eyes...
every one of my kids
has them
I want to gaze into
those eyes,
but the kids are always
on the move.
So I take a few pictures...
something that will stop time,
because I can't pause this moment
and savor it the way I'd like.
Capture something now
because everything moves so fast.
I wouldn't mind if they stayed
this age just a little longer.
But I know I can't,
wouldn't, shouldn't.
They will be amazing adults.
I'll need to prove to myself
that I once had little kids.
So I take pictures.
To make it last.

Aria June 09

Max June 09

Piper June 09

JC May 09


Marla said...

these are great photos and you make a great point to me about why i take so many photos... so i can enjoy the little things later...

pam said...

Beautiful pictures.

I had tears in my eyes as I read!


Mrs4444 said...

So, so precious. Their personalities are so evident, too, in these shots. Loved this post.