Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 3 and 4

As I mentioned before, the Patriot Guard came to Enderlin early on the morning of the 19th to escort us out of town.  Among four marchers, the burden was a lighter one and they finished in good time.  We spent the remainder of the day saddling up for our stay in Little Yellowstone park. 

March to Mandaree Day 3

Piper got to have a little birthday celebration at our campsite!

Piper turns 5 

Steve and Arnold were up at 4am and ready to tackle day 4 with enthusiasm.  They split the miles between them and at the end of today we are still on schedule.  When we have enough walkers, we are considering trying to get ahead of schedule if the day allows.

Little Yellowstone

Because the guys didn’t need me today (I’m actually a little disappointed, I like the quiet time walking provides!) I spent the day entertaining the kiddos in the park.  We threw rocks in the stream, collected and then freed caterpillars, and played on the nice playground equipment.

IMG_8532 IMG_8534

IMG_8556 IMG_8554

For more information about March to Mandaree, click HERE.  Our full itinerary is HERE.

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