Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

I’d like to thank Mrs. 4444 who thinks I am (or maybe its just my kids are) funny and for giving me the lovely Favorite Fragmenter award last week Smileimage

Let’s start off with Jackson’s Naughty list: (This is just the major stuff from the past week or so)

  • stole several hamburger buns (on several different occasions, despite several attempt to place them out of reach) and ate them, or left parts in random places throughout the house
  • spread powdered pancake mix through 3 rooms down stairs, including on a couch
  • stole the ice cream bucket and ate the last two scoops…. with his hands…..while on the downstairs couch
  • emptied the last of a ketchup bottle on to his plate, leaving it covered about 1” thick
  • dumped a small cup of sandbox sand on the family room couch
  • threw several card and board games down a flight of stairs
  • stole a bag of chips and ate them outside Piper’s bedroom (and left a pile of crumbs behind)
  • applied daddy’s Body Glide (anti-chafing stick for athletes) to his forehead while chanting “BODY GLIDE!BODY GLIDE!!”
  • colored inside his belly button and all over his arms with a green marker, several baths later his belly button is still green

That kid acts like we don’t feed him.  I wonder if it’s the thrill of the hunt?

  • The three oldest ran in the kids marathon last night, well Piper rolled.  It was her best option, she can’t do distance and she was disappointed to not participate last year.  They all received medals and t-shirts.  Tonight MIL and I do the 5k.  The full and half marathon is Saturday morning.  There will be live bands in driveways all along the 26 mile route!

marathon2 2011image

  • I took photos for the “Bit of Norway” celebration here in town.  Many of the photos ended up in the local paper, including my two vikings…


There was a parade, the kids got to throw candy.  It was chilly and rainy, but a viking doesn’t let that get them down!!



  • Being the super awesome parents we are, Aria never had her birthday party… OCTOBER.  So we are throwing an end-of-school party for her.  She decided not to call it a birthday party so that one of her friends can attend (their beliefs do not include birthday celebrations, so she never gets to go to parties).  I made these cool invites, and we ordered fun rock star stuff from Oriental Trading Co.  like inflatable guitars and crazy glasses.  I’m going to make back stage passes with their pictures on them when they arrive!

ARIA invite frontXX

  • Its officially kebab and beer season.  Just sayin.

IMAG0125   IMAG0123

  • Today is the last day of school for the kids.  They had “Play Day” on Tuesday where they do fun relay races and play outside all afternoon.  The parents are invited to watch.  Everyone places and gets ribbons for events.





brainella said...

Holy moly. It's a wonder you haven't locked him in a closet yet. :)

We've been grilling like crazy again. We occasionally do it during the winter but now that it's over 80 degrees again, it'll be more often. Love the grill.

That last picture is adorable. You take great shots. :)

Happy Friday!

Kristina P. said...

Well, you certainly have your hands full!

And you are such a cool fun mom.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I love comments too, thanks for leaving one on my post today.

I love followers who leave comments even more, and since I do, I'm following you. That and because you're kids are so durn cute, and because you run, and I'm trying to.

Good reasons?

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Oh my stars. I'm tired just reading about Jackson!
Good luck on the 5k!
I love all that party stuff, you rock!
Yes, I know I use too many exclamation points!
When do I get to come over for kabobs?

Mrs4444 said...

Such a great collection of photos. I especially loved the one of the two girlfriends at the Play Day.

On the bright side, Jackson has several months before Santa comes! He's gonna need 'em.