Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teachers and Christmas gifts..?

IMG_4480aI started thinking a few weeks ago about what we wanted to give to the kids’ teachers as gifts for Christmas.  Admittedly, we don’t always get around to that with the craziness of the season, but I’ve always felt they deserve more than we can give them!!  I decided to ask a few of my friends who are teachers to give me a little input on their feelings toward gifts they’ve received in the past and what they like.  Some of these teachers have been teaching for years, some are fairly new teachers.  Here’s their take…

Getting Gifts that Give Back

Most of the teachers I talked to (or emailed with) said they usually receive some gifts from students, but not all of them.  They expressed that they were very appreciative of the thoughtful gifts.  Sometimes its hard to think of unique gifts.  One of my friends mentioned that they have started asking the kids and parents to donate or bring in goods for the local food pantry.  Another said she has in the past received a card stating a donation was made in their name to a local charity. A great idea from Mrs. F was “…supplies I can give to students who could use them like glue sticks, pencils, etc.”

Too Much?

I had also asked what they may have seen a bit too much of over the years.

Mrs. F “Lotions”

Mrs. M “ I usually get a good variety of gifts”

My other Mrs. F commented that she had seen enough Apple décor. “Just because I'm a teacher doesn't mean I want to see apples everywhere I look. haha!”  This is a sentiment I have heard from other teachers, too, so perhaps it’s time to check that one off my list?apple phone

Anything qualify as re-gifters?

Let’s admit it, sometimes, even with the lovely thought, there are things we just know we may not use.  While most of my friends told me absolutely not, I had one fess up: “ I sometimes pass on nice perfumes/lotions, since I'm not a big fan of smelly stuff.”  All said they appreciated the thought put into the gift, and it’s the sentiment that counts.

It came directly from our kitchen…

I had read recently that there were teachers who wouldn’t eat home made treats, especially knowing where they may have come from.  The teachers in that article even went so far as to say that as soon as the day was over, the treats went in the trash.  Really? I asked my friends what the deal was with home made goodies.  I didn’t have a single teacher say they would ever NOT accept treats.  Of course, most of my friends are from small towns, and perhaps these other teachers were from big-city schools where accepting food might be more dangerous.  So, parents, judge for yourself, but I think we’re safe!!  All of my teachers really enjoyed getting treats made by the families.  Mrs. M said “They are great.  Especially when I only make a few specialty items at home.”


I love to hear the stories about some of the favorite gifts.  My friends said that while the little store-bought items are very nice, and gift cards are awesome, it’s the ones the student made themselves that mean the most.  The teachers all said they love to hang on to items made by students.  A few said they love the ornaments they’ve received and have hung them on their tree year to year, long after the student has left their class.  I was told a special story about a family that had very little money or interest in giving the teacher a Christmas gift.  The girl made a cute item for her teacher anyway, with what was available to her.  It was very touching to her teacher and  still holds a special place in her heart.

The verdict

What to give your kids’ teachers?  They all agree that what ever it is, will always be appreciated and well received, as long as your heart is in it!!  So, how can you thank the teachers in your life this season?


Kristina P. said...

I've read several teacher gift giving guides, and it appears you sometimes can't win.

Paula said...

I had a friend whose dad was in the umbrella business and she gave an umbrella as a gift every year. It's a great gift!
I admit that when I was a teacher of kids with multiple disabilities, I did not always eat the stuff they brought in -- especially when they said they helped. I knew how many times a day the hand went into their nose, mouth, and pants. I ALWAYS took it home -- I would never risk tossing something where they might see it, and I always told them the next day how delicious it was!
Other gifts I loved -- plants for the classroom, classroom supplies (I seemed to go through white board markers like crazy), Starbucks gift cards, etc.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Mrs 4444's is a teacher and she posted some good ideas at her blog... www.halfpastkissintime.com .

Mrs4444 said...

A personal note in a card is a perfectly wonderful gift, IMO. After all, if the purpose of the gift is to show gratitude and appreciation, that can easily be accomplished in a heart-felt note.