Monday, December 20, 2010

Climbing Aboard the Holiday Train…literally

Each year the Canadian Pacific Railroad hosts the CP Holiday Train. From the Canadian Pacific website: “The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails again this November, visiting over 130 communities in eight states and six provinces. In the last decade, the Holiday Train has help raise $4 million and 2 million pounds of food for local food banks.” They make a stop right here in our home town, too!  This year was a little bit different for the kids.

We got a call from a friend of a friend, telling us they had spare tickets to RIDE the train this year, from one stop before and right into our town.  I was super excited because tickets are hard to come by.  They are not sold.  You have to be an employee, and as I understand it, not even all of them ride.  The problem was, she only had two.  I thought about saying no, how was I to choose one kid to accompany without a fight or at the very least hurt feelings?   Then she mentioned that in the past, they had let their kids ride alone, with friends who’s parents would make sure they were accounted for.  Aria had friends with parents riding, so I gladly accepted the tickets and let Max and Aria ride without me!  We waited at the nearest stop to get on.  The town had 2 nice warm bonfires and the local kids played while we waited for the train to show up.


Here’s what the train looks like as it rolls through:


The train doesn’t get into our town until 9:30pm on a school night, but I was willing to skip bed time for such a cool opportunity.  Aria’s friend’s mom made sure they sat nicely, and got off at the right time (only the next stop, so I wasn’t worried).  She remarked the next day at how well behaved they are (yay!!).  I sent Aria a camera and told her to go crazy with the pictures.  This is what I got:




Santa came around and gave all the travellers neat commemorative pins (cool!).  They also got candy canes and hot chocolate.  Aria told me they were one of the few that had a table between their seats.  They said they had a really fun time coloring pictures and watching out the windows.  Once they stopped in our town, they opened the box car doors and threw a concert right there on the tracks.  It was actually warmer this year, snow and all, than it has been in the past.  Even though its less than a block from our house, last year I didn’t take the kids because it was about -10° F.  Not my idea of fun, but several people I know still stood out there to watch.  This year I believe it was about 20° F, which is just fine to stand around (properly dressed) and watch a concert. 


The kids had a really awesome time.  I was glad they got to do it.  Who knows when they’ll get another chance!!


♥Georgie♥ said...

OMGosh BEYOND awesome!!!!!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

What a wonderful experience for kids! It looks like SO much fun. I bet they'll remember that forever!

Anonymous said...

Really cool and exotic to this ol' Texan!

Merry Christmas! Barbara

Mrs4444 said...

I'm sure they'll never forget it!