Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CIT: Week Three

Putting coins in a barn..

P.M. makes me laugh so often!! She still has a good sense of humor through all of this.

On to week three!! I've seen a ton of progress this week with P.M.! Take a look at these videos. I've noticed that the audio doesn't seem to match up with the time on other videos I've posted. I don't know if this is just my connection, a blogger thing, or something else. I may start linking to YouTube if this continues. Please let me know if you have the same issues :)

I am SO excited to post this video. Her skills are really improving and this is proof. P.M. wasn't even able to grasp a small cup much less turn it up like this to keep it from spilling. The OT would hold her wrist and assist any time she did this activity. P.M. can now do it herself!!! She does need help to place the cup in her hand, but I wonder if the cast comes off she would now do that herself as well.

This video was so cute, I wanted to include it. It is also good proof that the therapy is doing it's job. Look at the extension of those fingers. This was darn near impossible a few months ago!! We're very proud of P.M. and really happy with all the hard work!

The kids are total goofballs. We've tried to get outside as often as we can as the weather man is threatening snow in the near future!! Everybody still enjoys school...that is once they get there. Getting dressed and in the car every morning is such work. M.D. keeps asking if he can "hang out at home today". P.M. knows everyone is "ah cool" (at school), and in the evening if I ask where A.M. or M.D. are she usually tells me they're at school if she can't find them in the house. A.M. has a new discipline system at school that consists of Green, Yellow, and Red lights, each a level of how good they are. The come home with a calendar and a sticker on the day of how they did. We have to sign it each day. Every day but one A.M. has had a green sticker. A yellow showed up last Friday. She said she was giggling too much with a friend and got a warning. She prides herself in being a good and helpful girl and I LOVE IT! (PS "mom, 3 days 'til my birthday) A.M. also said that they are gaining ANOTHER kid in their class. Does this make 23? I believe that makes them larger than the Kindergarten class that they split into 2 sections. I wonder if her teacher feels overwhelmed. Of course I remember having 25+ in any class I was in. It's nice to be in a small town.

Everyone grit your teeth and say "CHEEESE"!!


Joe and Leanna said...

I loved the videos (and yes, my volume did not match up either). I can see how hard she is working! Piper is just SOooo adorable!

I couldn't help but grin at the 'cheese' picture! So cute!

I like the light system...great idea!

mandy said...

Hey just found your blog and am encouraged to see how well your daughter is doing! My son is a right hemi and is not using his hand at all... any advice? thanks!