Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Therapy with P.M.

I thought I'd post some of P.M.'s recent session. This was July 30th. She was recovering from the Kinesio tape rash, so she has nothing on her right arm. We usually use at least the tape during the sessions. Her OT has fun toys and good ideas for making her feel she is still playing while she does her therapy...and she's very patient! Since P.M. has become comfortable here, she exerts her will more often, deciding when she's done with a toy or cleaning up. Maybe thats just her being two.
Her hand strength has improved quite a bit along with dexterity and the ability to open her fingers up. The problem is that unless prompted, she will not use that hand.

This one is good for seeing just what she still has to work on. Her large motor skills are getting better, but her pincher grasp is still very weak. At the end of the clip I look up to talk to her OT and she quickly uses her other hand to pick up the beans!


Joe and Leanna said...

Wow..she does have fun toys and creative ways of getting Piper to use her hand.

We have the same problem with Cole...if given the option, he will reach with his left hand every time.

I have to tell you...I love Piper's little pig tails! So adorable!

Take care!

Leah said...

Hi! I'm a pediatric occupational therapist, and I teach a neuroscience course to Masters level OT students...Next week I will be explaining cerebral palsy to my class, and would love to show your video clips (the descriptions sound great!), but they are no longer displaying on your webpage. Is there any way that you could repost them? Thanks so much!