Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nursing Bras....

I found something I need to get! Problem is these super cute bras apparently only come in A-C cup sizes...what nursing woman is an A cup?!?!

Would I not look awesome in this bra? Ok, ideally I would immediately loose all baby weight plus an additional 15 pounds and numerous stretch marks....but cute, right?!

Here is the link to the store:

The bra has snaps along the bottom to let you adjust the size as you lose weight after baby. Cool! I'll have to order and post what I think. I love the colors, it's nice to find cute nursing bras that don't look like your grandma's undies!

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Jena9286 said...

Sure now that I am done nursing 4 kids they come out with some cute nursing bras. Must be a conspiracy!