Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tree Time

Today we finally put up the tree.  I feel bad when I’m not really into it. Mostly its because we just don’t have a great spot for the tree to be, so it ends up in the way.  The kids were excited, so I had them help me rearrange the couch sections so the tree could fit.  We have “couch island” while the tree is up.  Basically the sections are all pushed together and we have to crawl over the double sections to sit down.  Very cozy.  A little too cozy sometimes.  I put together the tree-in-a-box and let the kids do whatever they wanted with the box of decorations.  I had to hold back on my urge to move things and spread them out.  JC put almost an entire box of gold ornaments in one square foot of tree.  They enjoyed themselves, anyway.  I got to take pictures.  Harrison slept.

christmas2christmas4christmas5christmas3christmas1(JC’s gold ornament section)

Harrison wasn’t feeling great yesterday, so he missed out on his first trip to see Santa.  I was dying to put him in his little purple shirt and tie (matched JC’s) but it was not to be.  Poor baby.  I’ll have to put him in it for Christmas day.


The gentleman who is Santa is from town, but he does this as seasonal employment all over the state.  He’s very sweet and gentle with the children.  He talked to each one, even Aria (who was obviously feeling a bit sheepish, but played along), and asked them what they wanted for Christmas before ushering them off stage for the next group of waiting kids. 

christmas6christmas7christmas8christmas9I wonder if he owns his suit or if the venue provides it??

Merry Christmas!  See you soon!


Mrs4444 said...

Just beautiful...all of them. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Aylin said...

such cute fotos and kids, hope everyone will get that kind of family!

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