Friday, April 25, 2008

Party like a Kindergardener!!!

"hey mom, we're buddies!"

I couldn't sleep last night because I was sure A.M., for the second time at least, had not been invited to a birthday party. Its sounds kind of silly, but there are only 20 kids in her entire graduating class and she was absolutely crushed not to have been invited to the last one. Her true sadness is tough to see, its not the same as crabby or whiney, I was hurt just thinking about it. I THINK, however, that it was a boys only party (and I don't blame them!) last time. She was upset because all she wants in the world is to make friends, and talks and says HI to random kids all the time. I want to find some kids nearby for her to play with over the summer. She is extremely social and she needs friends her own age. A 4-year-old brother just doesn't always cut it. Anyway, after some detective work I found out the entire class was invited to the most recent party and I called the mom to OK her still coming. Steve even ran to Lisbon for errands and picked up a gift for her to bring. All is well....