Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fragments–Guess What?!

Already Friday? This week really went fast.  Thanks to Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments, I can try to remember everything and get it all down before the weekend! 


  • It’s been SOOO warm out that we actually turned on the A/C.  Fortunately I’m a big procrastinator and didn’t take the window unit out of our room yet.  Ahhhh coool, cool air!  North Dakota has a bad rap for being cold.  My dad likes to call this place “the land of extremes”.  This morning I turned on the heater in the car on the way to school.  This afternoon the A/C will be on full blast.  30 degrees in one day is not that unheard of.  But, alas, it will be snowing soon enough.  Sometimes before Halloween.
  • Speaking of Halloween, Aria has decided she wants to be Rocket from the movie “Sucker Punch”.  I blame her dad.  I’ve started working on age-appropriate pieces for it.  I actually think this might suit her personality really well.

  • Jackson likes to be a cowboy.  Daily.  He wears this hat, and a pair of handed down cowboy boots. Oh, and just some underwear.  I guess it’s not so much like Woody the Cowboy, more like NYC’s Naked Cowboy.  I wonder if the Naked Cowboy ever wears Buzz Lightyear Underoos?
  • I convinced Daddy that he only needed to mow the outside lawn.  I asked him to leave the part inside our fence alone.  He uses the bagger to suck up all the leaves, and it looks so pretty beforehand that I hate to see them go just yet.  He was happy to quit early and leave me my pretty yard a little longer.  Anyway, its been so windy he’ll have to do the whole thing over again soon.
  • I loved all the color so much I convinced my family, and a few clients to get their family photos done this past week.  You can see ours HERE and my other work HERE!
  • It was our anniversary last month and the in-laws gave us a nice gift card to Famous Dave’s.  Never heard of it? If you’re not from the upper midwest, probably not.  It’s a FANTASTIC barbeque restaurant with delicious ribs and the yummiest sauces.  This is definitely NOT for a first date.  We used up all the wet wipes before the meal was over.  Instead of napkins, each table has a roll of paper towel.  They have this “Meal for 2-3” that is actually served on a garbage can lid (yes, it’s clean!).  There was so much food, we ate the rest for dinner.  Woody and JC joined us since the other kiddos were in school.  YUM!!

  • Oh, yeah! Guess what?!  I’ve always joked that I like to spend at least half of our anniversaries pregnant.  This year was no exception.  We are expecting Fraase version 5.0 to be available this coming March.  I wonder who this one will look like…… Smile Probably not me.


Join Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissing Time to link YOUR Friday Fragments!!


Kristina P. said...

Famous Daves definitely has some good BBQ!

Anonymous said...

We have that problem at our household too only all the kids look like me instead of Chris. Got me some strong genes what can I say!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Congrats on baby 5. Your babies are all so cute!!! What dolls! I love the fall leaves in your yard. We aren't quite there yet. It's still hot most of the day and only a few leaves have changed.

brainella said...

We have Famous Dave's too. It's good. And family friendly. :)

Congratulations! I don't know how you operate with four kids, let alone having another. Bless you all! :)

Happy Fall. Love this time of year.

Karen and Gerard said...

Your house and yard look very pretty! I don't like raking leaves though--it seems so futile!

Stopping by from FF:

Carolee Hollenback said... #5! Congrats!

I absolutely love the pretty leaves in the Fall...they were so pretty up by camp this weekend!

Stopping by from Friday Fragments...obviously NOT on Friday-lol!

Have a great evening.

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Mrs4444 said...

OMG--I'm SO excited!!!!!! Congratulations!! :)

Off to check out the family photos!

Mrs4444 said...

Does that second "here" link work? I can't get it to do anything.

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