Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Popsicle Stick Dog Sled

AM’s class has been studying the Iditarod, which just wrapped up last week.  “Our” musher DeeDee Jonrowe came in 22nd out of 55 finishers (16 more dropped out during the race)!  DeeDee was featured on an Alaskan themed US Postage stamp crossing Alaska with her team in 2008.  We found the image to use to create AM’s school project, an Alaska diorama.  She has been dying to do this project since she saw the display in Kindergarten.  Now, finally in second grade, she gets to make one!!  AM has honestly been thinking about this project forever, saving toy Husky dogs just to pull her tiny sled.  The teacher sent home a baggie with popsicle sticks to make our dog sled.  I helped with this project, since it required a hot glue gun.  I’m sure one could use regular school glue, too, but I think it would take much longer.

IMG_8925 Five whole sticks make up the bottom of the sled.  A sixth stick was cut in half to hold the bottom together.  We added another half on top of those to put some space between the bottom and the runners.  Two full sticks make up the runners, placed back from the front of the sled (your musher needs somewhere to stand!)

IMG_8923 Another 5 sticks were cut (about 1/3 up) to create the back of the sled.  Two sides were added, then the toothpicks make up the side supports.  (My hot glue work looks like spider webs!)

IMG_8924 Lastly, we added the pipe cleaner handhold and front to attach the dogs.  Once the sled was finished, we used some fabric to cover it and added our dog team (harnessed by Bend-A-Roos – finally a good use for them! In these shots they’re still in the pipe cleaner).  Polly Pocket got dressed for the outdoors to be our version of DeeDee!


The diorama itself is a mailing box we cut open.  AM chose the pictures for scenery and she glued white fleece down for snow.  We added cotton balls for drifts.

IMG_8922 IMG_8927

At school the kids made igloos from a styrofoam cup and mini marshmallows, so I’ll have to get one more picture of the final final project.  Here is our penultimate project picture, I guess…


This was a really fun project!  I recommend any family to try these out, even if they don’t make them for school.

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Linda-retired musher said...

nice job but next time leave out the back. Dog sleds don't have one and they do have a handle bar.