Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Water Watch Wednesday

Welcome to the Flood of 2009.
An electronic billboard advertises needs for volunteers in Fargo.

We live nearest the Maple River. Here it is Monday at noon. (note the small shed on left)

Same area Tuesday at 3:30 pm. There's the little shed.

My kids and a few of their friends Tuesday.

Old powerline pole in park.

Fire station Monday at noon.

Fire Station Tuesday afternoon. The river comes right up to the doors.
Huge chunks of ice floating down the fast moving Maple River.
Park near Maple River Monday at noon.

Park near Maple River Tuesday 3:30 pm.

We're on the top on CNN's RSS feed!


Anonymous said...

That's kinda scary and freaky!

Leanna said...

That's just crazy!

Juliana said...

Oh goodness! My friend was just telling me about the flooding. How scary! We are in a totally drought here in Colorado...we need some moisture and you guys are flooded!