Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Fragments–Comeback

I’ve been MIA for a while and I have so much to tell you.  I’m excited to use Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments as a nice little way to make myself a list of ALL the stuff I need to come back and blog about!

  • After the March to Mandaree, I took some time to relax with my family and unpack.  We’ve mostly cleared out our camper of stuff, but we were hoping to use it one more time before school started.  Hmmm… maybe a weekend during the fall will work out better.
  • I got a new French press coffee maker and I think I’ll never go back to an electric one again.
  • We are planning on switching our current living room with our current master bedroom.  I know it sounds strange, but our house used to be apartments, so they’re really both living rooms anyway.
  • I had a tumor removed from my neck.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  I’m fine now, a little sore, and rocking a cool scar.


  • We visited my relatives in Wisconsin and wished we could have stayed longer.  Even my mom came from Washington, so it was awesome!  This is a picture of mostly great-grands and a few grandchildren for my mom’s mom’s side, and not all of them either.  My mom is the oldest of seven, and we like kids.  A lot.


  • While we were in Wisconsin, Daddy and I escaped for a day and took the commuter train to Chicago.  We googled a restaurant he’d seen on Travel Channel AND Food Network.  We found it and gave it a try.  It wasn’t bad, not OMGosh-I-Have-to-come-here-again great, but good anyway.  The journey was just as fun.


  • Our kids go to school almost a week before any other school in the area, so their first day was this past Monday.  Piper started Kindergarten, Max is in Second, and Aria in Fourth.  Wow.  Now JC is super bored without anyone to entertain him at home.


  • We did a lot in the last month, and I’ll get around to blogging more now that we’ll have a routine again.  I’m hoping to pick up more hours at work to keep up with our finances right now.  I look forward to THAT being better, too.

Have a good weekend!! And don’t forget to stop by Half Past Kissing Time and join in!!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Welcome back! That scar is pretty fierce. The visit with your relatives sounds great.

Kristina P. said...

I would milk that tumor for all it's worth!

Mrs4444 said...

Thanks for your sweet comment tonight--I really miss you, too. I sure wish we could have met up when you were in Wisconsin. Maybe next time :)

Kristina--so funny! Glad you got that beast taken care of.

Your kids--so beautiful. I can't believe how fast they have grown since I first met you.

Thanks for checking in :)

Karen and Gerard said...

That scar looks nasty, but good you got the tumor removed!

Rachael said...

Wow, that is one big scar! Hope it heals up fast for you and that you're in good health.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Ouch that neck looks sore. The kids look so cute going to school. My grandkids do not start until after labor day. It is great until they have to go til the near end of June. I'm glad you are back to fragmenting:)
We are preparing for Irene's visit [well I am blogging before the power goes out] and my husband is working hard outside putting stuff in the sheds and basement...

brainella said...

Wow. Crazy busy! Glad the tumor is gone -- hope the soreness goes away soon.

My son started school two weeks ago and we are finally getting our routine down. Summer mushed our schedule! :)


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