Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Four Bears Powwow

We were welcomed with open arms to the Goodiron family and I can’t even describe how good that felt.  They were so wonderful to us while we were in Mandaree.  “Our home is your home.” They allowed us to be part of the family.  One of the events going on that same weekend was the Four Bears Powwow.  I have never been to a powwow in my life, so seeing it was not only a first for my kids, but for my husband and me, too.  It was amazing.  I loved every minute of being there.  If JC would have been more cooperative, I think I would have stayed until dark.  I also think if I had stayed, I would have run out of space on my camera’s memory card.  The experiences our family had during this trip were very special, I’m so glad we were able to make it happen.








Great Plains Planet said...

Mel, the pictures are beautiful! It's so fun to take advantage of all the cultural diversity that's right in our own backyards. This will be on of your families special memories.


Mrs4444 said...

I love taking PowWow pictures, too! These are wonderful--so much color and spirit :)