Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dude.  That’s sick.  Except in this case it’s not a good thing.  We’ve been sick.  All of us.  One after another we’ve come down with the good old fashioned fever-chills-aches influenza.  Yuck.  Its taken over a week each to get over it, too.  I finally feel better just in time for the baby to come down with a week’s worth of fever and crabby.  Holy crabby.  That boy is pretty cranky sometimes, and that’s when he’s feeling well.  JC with a fever is just about enough to lock yourself in a closet for a week until he’s better.  imageimage

Daddy had to be gone this week for National Guards, so I’ve tried to fend for myself as best as I can.  Mostly that means I have to cook, which I am notoriously bad at.  Hooray for frozen food.  The kids each missed a week of school, and I can tell you I am SO glad to have them back in again.  Some parents look forward to weekends, but often I do not.  I have some sort of routine during the week, but with everyone home all day long, the routine gets off.  I get nothing done.  Or less than nothing.  I get behind.  It doesn’t take much in this house to be behind in everything.  Even when my house is “clean” it isn’t clean.  Not invite-your-neighbors-to-drop-by clean.  I don’t think I’ll ever be there.  Maybe once the kids are in college….

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