Thursday, May 1, 2008

A.M.'s Egyptian Room

We've been moving in to A.M.'s room for some time now. She loves Egypt and we will be painting her walls to look like the inside of a pyramid. We found a neat painting in a book that we will put on the open wall. I will post some pictures soon as we finish, I have some in progress as well. She is excited to have her own room. Yesterday she took her snack and sat on her bed and read books for a long time. I think she likes having a space that's all hers. I'm eager to get her dresser out of our room and into hers so she can get dressed up there instead of everywhere else. M.D. misses her sleeping in his room on the bunk beds, but being a big boy means having a room to yourself. P.M. may end up sharing for a while until the latest addition needs a room... We have one more we can turn into a bedroom, its the toy room now and unfortunately it's the smallest, but its available.....

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